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There are few things that captivate the sight more than an image that tells a thousand words. And if that image captures the origin of life, the senses are moved and the intellect is illuminated at once. And it sees.

Alejandro Borgese, began capturing these special images since he was a child, and with fish eyes caught the waves of the seas of Mar del Plata, his native city.

Even at an early age he was perceived as a naturalist and an artist. He was an explorer of the natural wonders of the world. With enthusiasm he envisioned all that time what would eventually reveal as the only truth. Outside of that wide angle, he saw nothing.

The Polaroid’s of his early years show him in constant motion. He was born to a Cuban mother and an Argentine father along with brothers and sisters from both north and south. And he, without being from here or there, framed experiences and registered what was substantial.

Unintentionally, love came into his life and with it his first child, a son. 
The script was not yet finished, but true was his desire to devote himself fully to the passion for light. And it was at age 33 when his destiny was beginning to unfold.

He worked his way to the top and went on to become one of the most sought after advertising photographers of the U.S. Hispanic market. It became his place in the world and a place that would mark a before and after in the coordinates of his life.


It was the year 2010 when Caja Madrid landed in the U.S. and entrusted him the mission that would change his story forever: to photograph the beauty and mystery of “The Everglades National Park “, whose translation could be “eternal swamps “.

Located in the state of Florida, this natural phenomenon, declared a world heritage site, covers over 6,000 acres and hosts a unique ecosystem. “The park won me over with its nature and demand. Every moment was a different experience; out of each photo I took something that was unique. Nature caught me and made me part of it” is how Borgese described the adventure through his lens.

Of the 32,000 snapshots taken in the Everglades during a year of work, and with working days of up to 18 hours, an illustrated book sponsored by Caja Madrid and the Lunwerg Publishers was born. To travel through its pages means to open way through the bowels of a secluded area that appears to us as paradise on earth.

The photos emerged from this journey into the shadow hallucinate all senses. They deconstruct the landscape, reverse the vanishing point, transform perspective and expand the color field. “My vision, my hearing and my skills were in sync with the animals and I felt as a part of nature as never before,” said Borgese.

The images, portraying excess in density and contrast, continued their flight to their next stop: Miami International Airport in 2011.

They were displayed in large format, documenting not only the forbidden beauty of the park but also its incredible biological diversity. The exhibition included photographs of spectacular mangroves, cypress forests, wooded islands between wetlands, eagles, seagulls, storks and herons.

The Frost Art Museum in Miami, sensitized with the artistic value of the work of Borgese which establishes a dialogue with nature from another angle, invited him to exhibit a chosen selection of photographs for the year 2013.

The years will pass, as life happens. Only the enlightened vision of the artist will live to give its testimony. Fragments of an eternity of a time that was beautiful.

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